Art Calendar 2024: Twelve Inspiring Calendar Images

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Kilias Knispel, also known by the pseudonym “MTKilias”, is an artist and designer from the Black Forest. The Koehler Paper art calendar for 2024 has been produced in collaboration with the young artist. The unique art calendar with a selection of high-quality recycled and fine paper from Koehler Paper has been very popular for ten years, and it has become an indispensable part of many offices.

People are at the heart of Kilias Knispel’s work; they allow him to express his thoughts and views precisely and accurately. His decision to work as an independent artist in spring 2022 was a result of his desire for personal freedom. The 26-year old artist had previously been studying product design at the University of Arts and Design in Karlsruhe. Since making the decision, he has already put on several of his own exhibitions, resulting in cooperations with art galleries such as the international online art platform Carré d’artistes. The portraits of mainly young people radiate a pleasing sense of peace and contemplation. “Open and honest communication between us as people is important to me,” says Kilias Knispel. To symbolize this, he has portrayed women and men with dangerous looking horns and painted human tongues wound around the horns of a cow. By doing this he is comparing the two organs, because both are delicate, sensitive organs for communication, which must be used appropriately.

Paper from Koehler Paper demonstrate extraordinary printability and tactile properties

The works are printed on a selection of premium fine and recycled paper. The calendar showcases the extraordinary printability and tactile properties of ivory board in ultrawhite, superwhite, and chamois in various grammages and with various surfaces, and of creative print. The various surfaces and embossed finishes give the calendar a unique appearance and feel.