Koehler Group trainees make apple juice for a good cause

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Technical trainees at the Koehler Group harvested apples from Koehler's own meadow orchards again last year and turned them into organic apple juice at the Kasper apple press in Nußbach. They then sold the juice to Koehler Group employees for the price of a donation to a good cause. The new Koehler recruits donated the proceeds to Förderverein Kinderklinik Ortenau e.V., the booster club for the children's clinic in Ortenau. With its donation, Koehler hopes to support the work of the hospital clown and bring a bit of joy to young patients during their ongoing treatments.

Hospital clown brings joy and laughter to young patients

Due to the dry summer, last year's apple harvest only yielded about 300 liters of fresh-pressed organic apple juice. Despite the small harvest, Koehler trainees Markus Börsig, Eric Bähr and Luis Weichslgartner, who had been chosen to represent the group of trainees at Koehler Group, along with Stefan Grözinger, head of training at Koehler Group, were able to present Dr. Martina Bregler, first chairperson of Förderverein Kinderklinik Ortenau e.V., with a donation of 777.77 euros. Förderverein Kinderklinik Ortenau e.V. has operated as a volunteer organization since 1997. Its stated goal is to help the Offenburg children's clinic care for children and support their parents. The children in the hospital require special attention, including special types of care and treatments. Their parents often need emotional support and practical help. With the donation, the Koehler Group would like to support the booster club, along with the engaged professionals, in their efforts to make hospital stays less strenuous on young patients. By adding color to the environment, they hope to help them on their road to recovery. The new Koehler recruits therefore chose to support the work of Stups the hospital clown with their donation. Ties to the region and the fact that the money will go to helping children and teenagers were key aspects in their decision. Environmental education and social work are both an integral part of the company’s values and go beyond just technical training for apprenticeships at Koehler. Stefan Grözinger sums up as follows: “When it comes to training, our goal is not just to stick to the training plan, but also to impart our values concerning the environment, sustainability, and health to our trainees. That’s an important and huge contribution to the Koehler Group’s focus on consistent sustainability.”