Koehler Group to build corporate daycare center at Oberkirch site

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Making sure that everyone is able to have a healthy work–life balance is not only part of the values that the Koehler Group espouses, but is also becoming increasingly important. This is why the company will be offering 100 new spots for children at its new corporate daycare center in Oberkirch, which will be run by Stuttgart-based Konzept-e Group. The new building will be located at the company’s Oberkirch location, is expected to be completed and ready for use during the 2025/2026 kindergarten year, and will be owned by Koehler. The new corporate daycare center will be located right next to Koehler’s headquarters and will offer public daycare spots in addition to those meant for children of employees.

Koehler Group CEO Kai Furler: “Building this new corporate daycare center will make Koehler an even more attractive employer.”