Together with Schneider Electric, Koehler Paper is introducing sustainable and flexible product packaging made of paper for the first time

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In addition to various flexible packaging papers for the food sector, with Koehler NexPlus® Seal Pure Koehler Paper is offering a sustainable packaging option for products where no additional barriers are required: These include screws, electronic components and parts, processors, and LEDs—with Koehler NexPlus® Seal Pure in grammages of 35, 40, 45, 65 or 80 g/m², products are equipped with tear-resistant, sturdy, and sustainable packaging.

Like all other Koehler NexPlus® paper, Koehler NexPlus® Seal Pure is also heat-sealable, and its strength properties make it very well suited for further processing on all commercially available packaging machines. “Together with our partner Schneider Electric, we implemented a pilot project over the last few months and put the new Koehler NexPlus® Seal Pure through its paces for the non-food sector. It is very strong yet still supple, and another standout feature is its excellent printability, for example for product illustrations or application instructions. It can also be used on existing packaging machines at high cycle frequencies,” explains Christoph Wachter, the Head of flexible packaging papers at Koehler Paper, with regard to the product benefits. In addition, flexible packaging papers significantly reduce carbon footprint compared to conventional plastic packaging and achieve a positive image transfer to both the product and company brand.


With the NexFlex® product range, Koehler Paper has developed a unique and 100 per cent recyclable generation of flexible packaging papers. The aim here is to replace plastic in packaging by using so-called barrier paper wherever possible. The next generation of papers for flexible packaging are sustainable barrier papers with functional surfaces for product-specific protection (NexPlus®). Various flexible packaging papers from Koehler Paper were awarded a score of 19 out of a possible 20 points by the environmental service provider Interseroh, along with the ‘Made for Recycling’ seal.